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Arkansas Carry

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Nate Bell (R)

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Address:     P.O. Box 2103     Mena, AR  71953

Phone:         (479) 394-5665

Website:      Main Website         Facebook

Email:          This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



  • 01-10-10     Nate Bell replied to Arkansas Carry with his answers to the questionnaire:

    "I am an NRA life member and a strong supporter of the right to keep and bear arms. I have served as a reserve deputy sheriff and constable for several years. I believe that the most secure society is a well armed society."   - Nate Bell


    1.    Do you support completely restoring open carry rights, rights such as the state of Vermont currently allows their citizens
    I support open carry by non-felons but with some changes from the Vermont statute.  Specifically, I would increase the minimum age from 16 to 18.  I also would not support carry in a motor vehicle by anyone who is not a concealed permit holder. Based on my experiences as a law enforcement officer, I believe a motor vehicle is concealment for a weapon and unrestricted motor vehicle carry could endanger law enforcement officers and the public. 
    2.    Restricted open carry is restricting open carry rights to allow open carry with permit only, such as Tennessee currently allows.  If you do not support Vermont-style firearms carry laws, would you support restricted open carry? 
    See answer to number 1
    3.    If elected, would you sponsor a Vermont-style open carry bill?
    I will support passage of a bill that addresses the concerns noted in my answer to question 1.
    4.    Would you sponsor a more restrictive open carry bill, such as a Tennessee-style law?  
    I will support passage of a bill that addresses the concerns noted in my answer to question 1. 
    5.    Do you support a bill to allow churches to choose whether they want to allow concealed carry in their buildings? 
    6.    Would you sponsor a bill to allow churches to choose whether concealed carry is allowed? 
    7.    Do you support legislation allowing an employee’s right to store firearms in their vehicles on employer’s parking lots?
     I support the right of non-felons to store rifles and shotguns in their personal vehicles in employer parking lots. I also support the right to store handguns for concealed permit holders.
    8.    Would you sponsor legislation allowing employee’s right to store firearms in their vehicles on employer’s parking lots? 
    Yes. See answer to question 7.
    9.    Do you support a law allowing Arkansas citizens to conceal carry with a permit in municipal parks? 
    10.  Do you support a law making the Concealed Handgun License (CHL) permit list completely private? 
    11.  Would you sponsor a bill making the CHL list completely private
    12.  Do you support some form of a Castle Doctrine, such as one passed in Florida which gives a person the right to protect themselves in their home or car without fear of lawsuit prosecution or lawsuit? 
    I generally support the Florida legislation although I have some concerns that some of its provisions could be used by criminals to justify the defense of a criminal enterprise. 
    13.  Would you sponsor some form of a Castle Doctrine law? 
    Yes, but I would need to be assured by prosecutors that the language of the bill would not protect criminal enterprise as noted in the answer to question 12.
    14.  Under current Arkansas law a citizen is forced to flee an attacker if possible, even if the citizen is in his own home.  Do you support repealing this part of the code, where a person can “stand his ground” and protect his life and property, such as allowed by law in Oklahoma
    I would support and sponsor “stand your ground” legislation for situations where a person fears bodily harm. I generally do not support defense of property with deadly force.
    15.  Would you sponsor legislation supporting the “stand-your-ground” position? 
    See answer to number 14.
    16.  Do you support allowing concealed carry by CHL permit holders in college classrooms, such as Utah allows
    17.  Would you sponsor a bill allowing concealed carry in college classrooms? 
    18.  Do you support changing the “right to bear arms” declaration in the Arkansas Constitution to simply state, “ Arkansas citizens shall have the right to keep and bear arms”? 
    19.  Do you support lowering CHL permit fees, preferably as low as South Dakota
    I believe that permits should reflect the actual cost of issuance. I think Arkansas’ fee is too high but I suspect that South Dakota’s $10 fee is too low to cover costs. I support waiving of all fees for persons with no-contact orders or other orders of protection.
    20.  Do you support allowing military personnel to bypass CHL training, such as South Dakota does?  
    Yes. I also intend to introduce legislation to convey concealed permit status to all certified and commissioned law enforcement officers. Currently commissioned officers don’t have an embodied right to carry.   All officers are subjected to the federal background check. This needlessly clogs the background check system and adds to the cost of firearms purchases by everyone.
    21.    Do you support legislation claiming in-state firearms and ammo sales by Arkansas manufacturers to be exempt from Federal taxation, such as Montana passed in 2009? 
    22.    Would you sponsor a bill which claimed these in-state sales are federally tax-exempt? 
    I support the idea, but unless federal taxes are raised to punitive levels I probably wouldn’t introduce a bill on this issue.
    23.    Do you agree with the 2008 Heller decision by the U.S. Supreme Court declaring the Second Amendment affirms a God-given right to self-defense? 
    24.    Do you feel the Second Amendment applies to states, cities, counties and municipalities? 




  • 01-09-10     Arkansas Carry sent a questionnaire
  • 11-09-09     Mr. Bell writes stating his support for most issues.  "I strongly support the right to carry and will actively work to preserve it." - Nate Bell  

  • 10-09-09     Introductory Arkansas Carry gun rights email sent.





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