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US Army Corp Park Lands that Ban Handguns

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Little Rock Office oversees over 750,000 acres of public land (2% of all the land in the State) and within that land there are 178 public parks in Arkansas & Southern Missouri.  The USACE has banned the lawful possession of all firearms on all of this “public” land for defensive purposes. 

Even with a valid CHCL you are not allowed to carry a loaded handgun in any of these parks or lands unless you fall within these narrow exceptions:

327.13 Explosives, firearms, other weapons and fireworks.

(a) The possession of loaded firearms, ammunition, loaded projectile firing devices, bows and arrows, crossbows, or other weapons is prohibited unless:
(1) In the possession of a Federal, state or local law enforcement officer;
(2) Being used for hunting or fishing as permitted under 327.8, with devices being unloaded when transported to, from or between hunting and fishing sites;
(3) Being used at authorized shooting ranges; or
(4) Written permission has been received from the District Commander.
(b) Possession of explosives or explosive devices of any kind, including fireworks or other pyrotechnics, is prohibited unless written permission has been received


It is your responsibility to know where you may or may not carry a loaded weapon.  You CAN carry in the following parks with a valid permit:

  • Any National Park Service
  • Any National Wildlife Refuge System
    Section 512 of the Credit Card Act of 2009 (Public Law 111-024) pertains to possession of firearms and allows an individual to possess an assembled or functional firearm in any unit of the National Park Service or National Wildlife Refuge System provided that the individual is not otherwise prohibited by law from possessing the firearm and the possession is in compliance with the law of the State in which the National Park/Refuge is located. This law becomes effective on 22 February 2010 on property under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • Any Arkansas State Park (however you cannot carry INSIDE any park building or office).

Currently there is a bill before both the US House and Senate to fix this problem but it's been stalled in committee since fall of 2011.  You can check the status and read it here:

       USACE Little Rock Boundary Map

USACE Maintained Arkansas River Parks

  1. Big Bayou Meto
  2. Merrisach
  3. Notrebes Bend
  4. Wild Goose Bayou
  5. Jardis Point
  6. Moore Bayou
  7. Pendleton Bend
  8. Little Bayou Meto
  9. Morgan Point
  10. Wilbur D. Mills
  11. Bona Dea
  12. Dublin
  13. Old Post Road
  14. Shoal Bay
  15. Cabin Creek
  16. Dwight Mission
  17. Piney Bay
  18. Spadra
  19. Cane Creek
  20. Horsehead
  21. Pontoon
  22. Sweeden Island
  23. Delaware
  24. O’Kane
  25. River View
  26. Aux Arc
  27. Clear Creek
  28. Reed Mountain
  29. Vache Grasse
  30. Bluff Hole
  31. Fort Smith
  32. River Ridge
  33. Vine Prairie
  34. Citadel Bluff
  35. Lee Creek
  36. Springhill
  37. White Oak
  38. Dam Site 5
  39. Huffs Island
  40. Ste. Marie
  41. Willow Beach
  42. Dam Site 6 East
  43. Rising Star
  44. Tar Camp
  45. Dam Site 6 West
  46. Sheppard Island
  47. Trulock
  48. Bigelow
  49. Cypress Creek
  50. Point Remove
  51. Cherokee
  52. Maumelle
  53. Sequoya
  54. Cook’s Landing
  55. Old Ferry Landing
  56. Toad Suck

Arkansas and Missouri Lakes

  1. Dam Site, Lake
  2. Indian Creek
  3. Rocky Branch
  4. Dam Site, River
  5. Lost Bridge North
  6. Starkey
  7. Hickory Creek
  8. Lost Bridge South
  9. War Eagle
  10. Horseshoe Bend
  11. Prairie Creek
  12. Ashley Creek
  13. Lick Creek
  14. Waveland Park
  15. Hise Hill
  16. Outlet Area
  17. Beaver Creek
  18. Lakeview
  19. Pontiac
  20. Buck Creek
  21. Lead Hill
  22. River Run
  23. Dam Site
  24. Oakland
  25. Theodosia
  26. Highway 125
  27. Ozark Isle
  28. Tucker Hollow
  29. Bluff View
  30. Piedmont Park
  31. Webb Creek
  32. Highway K
  33. River Road
  34. Bellah Mine
  35. Oak Grove
  36. Pine Ridge
  37. Blue Ridge
  38. Horseshoe Bend
  39. Jefferson Ridge
  40. Big Coon Creek
  41. Cossatot Reefs
  42. Little Coon Creek
  43. Cherokee
  44. Devils Fork
  45. Mill Creek
  46. Sugar Loaf
  47. Choctaw
  48. Heber Springs
  49. Narrows
  50. Group Camping
  51. Cove Creek
  52. Hill Creek
  53. Old Highway 25
  54. Dam Site
  55. John F. Kennedy
  56. Shiloh
  57. Beard's Bluff
  58. Paraloma Park
  59. Saratoga Park
  60. Beards' Lake
  61. River Run East
  62. White Cliff's Park
  63. Cottonshed Park
  64. River Run West
  65. Bidwell Point
  66. Ganaliel
  67. Robinson Point
  68. Cranfield
  69. Henderson
  70. Tecumseh
  71. Dam Quarry Cmpgrd
  72. Jordan
  73. Udall
  74. Dam Quarry Shelter
  75. Panther Bay
  76. Carden Point
  77. County Line
  78. River Road
  79. Carter Cove
  80. Quarry Cove
  81. Sunlight Bay
  82. Aunts Creek
  83. Cape Fair
  84. Long Creek
  85. Viney Creek
  86. Baxter
  87. Cricket Creek
  88. Mill Creek
  89. Viola
  90. Big M
  91. Eagle Rock
  92. Moonshine Beach
  93. Campbell Point
  94. Indian Point
  95. Old Highway 86

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