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2012-2013 Arkansas Candidate Questionnaires
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  1. Would you vote FOR a bill legalizing licensed open carry in Arkansas, similar to Tennessee’s law?
  2. Would you vote FOR a bill legalizing the open carry of firearms in rural, unincorporated areas only for persons engaged in hunting, fishing, hiking and camping activities?
  3. Would you vote FOR a bill legalizing unlicensed open carry by non-felons in Arkansas?
  4. Would you vote FOR a bill legalizing unlicensed concealed carry in Arkansas while still protecting the ‘CHCL’ program for those wishing to have reciprocity with other states?
  5. Would you vote FOR a bill that allowed churches to decide whether congregants may carry a concealed weapon – and if so, who may carry them?  Currently, the law specifically forbids concealed carry in churches.
  6. Would you vote FOR an employer parking lot bill that would protect workers with an Arkansas CHCL from being fired for having a legally possessed firearm in their vehicles, for the purpose of defending his or herself coming to/from work?
  7. In a written opinion, the Arkansas State Attorney General said our current journey law needs to be defined. Would you vote FOR a bill that defined a “journey” under Arkansas gun law as leaving one’s “voting precinct”?

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