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You're now visiting the ACPAC portion of our website.  All candidate survey grades, commentary, and responses are that of our independently formed and maintained political action committee and not necessarily those of Arkansas Carry.

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Here is how the ACPAC Board will grade candidate survey responses for the 2012-2013 cycle.

There are a total of seven (7) questions on the survey.  Each response will be assigned a grade on a scale of 1 to 7 by the Board.   We then add the total points from the survey and then assign a letter grade to that candidate based upon the responses using the criteria below.

It is possible for a candidate to not be in favor of a particular issue and still get an "A" grade or even an endorsement from Arkansas Carry PAC.

Scoring: (1) 15 points (2) 15 points (3) 8 points (4) 4 points (5) 15 points (6) 4 points (7) 4 points

Total: 65 points

After scoring, explanations of scores could be similar to this:

'A+' indicates an exceptional pro-gun rights survey coupled with excellent voting record

'A' - indicates an exceptional pro-gun rights survey

'B' - indicates a pro-gun rights survey

'C' - indicates a mixed gun rights survey

'D' - indicates an anti-gun rights survey

'F' - indicates a survey hostile to gun rights

'NR' - not rated indicates an incomplete survey with little or no voting record or past statements

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